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Obesity And Lung Disease A Guide To Management

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As a result of the rapidly growing rate of obesity worldwide, clinicians are struggling to provide the best strategies for treating obese patients with concomitant pulmonary conditions. ...

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Nutrition And Obesity

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The Key Facts on Obesity provides invaluable information on the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of obesity and overweight. Covering topics from the health risks of obesity to the effects of genetics to obesity, the Key Facts on Obesity gives readers a

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Overweight Patients And Obesity

Description This course provides an overview of overweight and obesity in the pediatric population. The incidence of overweight and obesity by age is explored along with causes and contributing factors and the associated health risks. Also included are guidelines for assessing an overweight or obese pediatric patient as well as current treatment and prevention strategies based on the age and weight. Note: This course is delivered without audio narration. Continuing Education Credit This course qualifies for 0.5 contact hours, which can be earned on this course until March 2, 2018 . Objectives After completing this course, the learner will be able to: discuss the factors contributing to overweight and obesity in pediatric patients. identify the health risks associated with obesity. describe the components of a physical assessment of an overweight or obese pediatric patient. explain the most effective measures for treating obesity in the pediatric population. identify specific

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Obesity And Pregnancy

A dramatic and worldwide increase is occurring in the prevalence of overweight and obesity in women of childbearing age. Obese women carry a significant excess risk of a variety of serious complications during pregnancy, and in addition, maternal obesity predisposes to obesity in the offspring. This book provides a timely update on the latest knowledge on maternal obesity and pregnancy. A very wide range of issues are covered, including macrosomia and associated shoulder dystocia; the risk of miscarriage, malformations, and complications of pregnancy; the impact of hyperglycemia; clinical management; consequences for anesthesia and ultrasound; impacts on breastfeeding, fertility, and childhood obesity; and pregnancy following gastric surgery. All of the authors are recognized experts in their fields, and the book has been designed to meet the practical needs of obstetricians, gynecologists, internists, and general practitioners.

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Alcohol Tobacco And Obesity Mortality And The New Public Health

Although drinking, smoking and obesity have attracted social and moral condemnation to varying degrees for more than two hundred years, over the past few decades they have come under intense attack from the field of public health as an unholy trinity of lifestyle behaviours with apparently devastating medical, social and economic consequences. Indeed, we appear to be in the midst of an important historical moment in which policies and practices that would have been unthinkable a decade ago (e.g, outdoor smoking bans, incarcerating pregnant women for drinking alcohol, and prohibiting restaurants from serving food to fat people) , have become acceptable responses to the risks that alcohol, tobacco and obesity are perceived to pose. Hailing from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA, and drawing on examples from all four countries, contributors interrogate the ways in which alcohol, tobacco and fat have come to be constructed as problems requiring intervention and expose the social, cultural and political roots of the current public health obsession with lifestyle. No prior collection has set out to provide an in-depth examination of alcohol, tobacco and obesity through the comparative approach taken in this volume. This book therefore represents an invaluable and timely contribution to critical studies of public health, health inequities, health policy, and the sociology of risk more broadly.

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