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Mayer Mill Brass STB F Stirrup With Frame Book Ends Pair
Mayer Mill Brass Stb F Stirrup  Frame Book Ends Pair

Mayer Mill Brass is a small family owned company starting out 35 years ago with one item. We have grown with an inventory now exceeding 600 pieces. We distribute this unique collection of fine gifts and accessories to over 2000 stores worldwide while still maintaining our high standard of quality and service which may explain why we are still standing while so many other brass companies have foundered.Each of our pieces is solid sand cast brass flawlessly handcrafted by our artisans in our...

Mayer Mill Brass STB 1 Stirrup Book Ends Pair

Reviewed Mayer Mill Brass STB Stirrup Book Ends Pair

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Price: $94.99 | Merchant: Staples | Date: Nov-12, 2018

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