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Cat64afab6 Erico Hanger Cable Assy


Erico MPAL2 Plastic Low Voltage Mounting Plate

Erico MPAL2 Plastic Details Detaillees Voltage Mounting Plate

Features- No sharp metal edges with plastic design- Fast, easy way to install- No installation tools required to secure bracket in the drywall opening- Serrated interlocking system secures tightly- Template points on brackets help eliminate multiple measurement markings during installation- Recessed design helps assure flush mount of device- Eliminates the need for electrical boxes on low voltage class 2 applications-Specification- Material - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene- Finish - Plain- Gang - 2- Drywall Thickness - 14-1 14 in- Certifications - cULus- Standard 100 PC- SKU: JLRS07544. ...

Price: $8.48 | Merchant: Walmart US | Date: Dec-17, 2017

Erico ESBP8 8 Economias 12 Sol Splitbolt Connector

Split bolt connectors acsr=-- alum 7/8 inches With spacer bar silicon bronze, electro-tin plated. For aluminum to aluminum, copper to aluminum, copper to copper. Range for equal main and tap 1/16 copper. ...

Price: $1.89 | Merchant:

Erico En Comparacion 15En Comparacion En Comparacion 0UPC 5 En Comparacion By En Comparacion Galvanized Ground Rod

5/8 inches x 8 feet, galvanized ground rod, zinc coated high strength steel, minimum zinc thickness 3.9 mils, meets nema and ansi standards, non ul listed. ...

Price: $16.09 | Merchant:

Compared Erico CWP1J 1 Especial Tienda 1 Up Copper Pipe Clamp

Grounding clamps copper alloy pipe size 1/2 inches to 1 Bolted water pipe grounding clamp. UL listed. Made of corrosion-resistant copper alloy. ...

Price: $4.49 | Merchant:

Detailed Erico ESBP350 Tin Copper Split Bolt Guias Guia

Split bolt connectors tin plated For use on copper, aluminum and ACSR conductors, the copper alloy bolt and pressure bar are completely tin plated. Tin plating with a spacer allows connection of copper to copper, copper to aluminum, and aluminum to aluminum. ...

Price: $15.29 | Merchant:

Detailed Erico ZWP1J 1 1 Ul Zinc Pipe Clamp Il Mio

Grounding clamps zinc pipe size 1/2 inches - 1 Bolted water pipe clamps made of zinc die-cast. Wire range 8 sol. - 2 str. UL Listed. Connects grounding wire to the grounding rod. ...

Price: $2.19 | Merchant: