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Rustoleum 60001 Gallon Peel Stop Clear Binding Primer
Rustoleum 60001 Gallon Primer Binding Peel Stop Clear

Clear binding primer that penetrates chalky residues and fills the tiny cracks and gaps under the edges of old paint literally gluing them down to the surface Prevents further peeling and extends the life of the paint job Remains flexible and breathable Dries fast and can be re coated in 2 hours Use under latex and alkyd primers and paint Apply with airless spray brush or roller Approximately 300 to 400 square foot coverage per gallon Easy soap and water clean up Clear Gallon Length 6.75Width...

Zinsser 60001 Clear Peel Stop Clear Bonding Primer Gallon Water Based

Compared Zinsser 60001 Clear Peel Stop Clear Bonding Gallon Water Based

. ...

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