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Broan 345CSO Powered Attic Ventilator Solar Power Attic Fan Fans Roof Mount Weathered Wood

Broan Powered Attic Ventilator Solar Power Attic Fan Fans Roof Mount Weathered Wood Values

Product Features An added lip makes the curb mount design perfect for flat, tiled or unusually steep roofs fabricate a simple frame from 2x4s to create a solid platform and assist in water runoff28-watt solar panel captures sunlight from dawn to dusk and efficiently converts it into electric power to keep your attic cool and dry all day long, providing 537 Maximum CFM and year round protection for the structure of your home12 diameter, one-piece aluminum 5-blade fan is pitched for maximum air flow to keep your living area cooler, extend the life of your air conditioner and save energy and moneyCompact base footprint means fewer shingles to cut for easier, faster installationLow profile, integrated design for an attractive, unobtrusive addition to your roof without the need for props or pivoting stands used by some manufacturersRugged, tempered glass solar panel withstands large hail and won t delaminate so you can be confident in its reliability, functionality and attractive appearanceHousing is a molded design of UV-stabilized, color-dyed, rugged ABS plastic that withstands hail and resists fading to remain attractive for years may also be painted to match your roof colorHousing. Curb Mount, Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Upgrade your home and save up to $180 per year through the use of the Broan Solar Powered Attic Ventilator. As a green product requirng only energy from the sun and no additional electricity, you can put the money you might have spent on powering an electrical ventilator back into your pocket. ...

Price: $429.27 | Merchant: Walmart US | Date: Mar-17, 2018