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AVE12445 Avery Shipping Tags Tyvek 4 3 4 X 2 3 8 White 1 000 Box

Details AVE125 Avery Shipping Tags Tyvek 3 X 2 3 8 White 1 000 Box

These tags feature a reinforced hole to help ensure your shipping information stays put for the journey, no matter how long or short. Extra reinforcement allows the tag to be held firmly without ripping through the cardstock. Provides a smooth writing sur. ...

Price: $100.72 | Merchant: | Date: Feb-22, 2018

Buy Now Katadyn TRK Drip Gravidyn Microfilter FREE Shipping

Perfect for your base camp or backcountry cabin, this filter can supply 6 months of safe drinking water for up to 6 people with no pumping required! - Fill the container with untreated water and walk away--water drips through 3 ceramic elements--return an hour later to a gallon of potable water - Double-stage reservoir holds over 2-1/2 gallons of tainted water in its upper chamber lower collection basin features a dripless spigot - Small, 0.2 micron pores in the ceramic elements trap pathogenic bacteria and protozoa, including giardia, crypto, cholera, salmonella and e.coli - High-quality food-grade plastic containers collapse to a small 10"" x 18"" functional size is 10"" x 36""- Field-serviceable ceramic elements can be cleaned with an abrasive pad, includedSpecifications:- Microfiltration Method: Field-cleanable 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter with granular activated carbon- Weight: 6 lbs. 9 oz.- Filter medium: Ceramic- Removes: Protozoa and bacteria- Output: 1 gallon (4 liters) /hour- Field cleanable: Yes- Height: 18""

Price: $294.95 | Merchant: Blue Ridge Firearms

Details Katadyn KFT Expedition Capacity FREE Shipping

The Katadyn Expedition is ideal for large groups and relief organizations. It is indestructible and easy to use. The best choice for expeditions, River Raftings, Camps, etc. Includes: Prefilter and carry bag- Capacity (gal) : 26000- Capacity (L) : 100000- Dimensions (cm) : 58 x 20- Dimensions (in) : 23 x 8- Output (gal) : 1 gal/min- Output (L) : 4 L/min- Technology: 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter (cleanable) - Weight (grams) : 5200- Weight (oz) : 183.4

Price: $1499.95 | Merchant: Blue Ridge Firearms

Special Backyard Odyssey Traverse Playset With Free Shipping

The Traverse is awesome! It begins with the Backyard Odyssey Tower 2 that is all decked out with a wood roof and 7' inside loft. Down below there is a cute clubhouse with white trimmed windows, a real door, and a snack window. Inside there is a play sink, stove, and cordless phone. Outside the clubhouse (and under the loft) there is a deck with two-pedestal seat for relaxing and enjoying some cool drinks in the shade. Now for the REAL fun: There are THREE slides. Our Rocket slides are positioned off the 5' high deck, the 7' balcony. The Turbo slide winds its way down from the upper balcony. A standard ladder is located in back for getting up to the deck and there are challenging monkey bars for all the climbers in the gang. Finally, our dual swing beam is there with four widely spaced heavy-duty belt swings. The Traverse will be the place for all the neighborhood kids to hang out. The whole set is made from 100% cedar. It is easy to assemble and contains our unique Safe-T-Fuse hardware, powder-coated metal brackets for extra strength, and the wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained.

Price: $3191.86 | Merchant: Sam's Club

Buy FLIR Scout II Thermal Imager FREE Shipping

Scout II is a compact thermal night vision camera built for the great outdoors. Scout II detects the body heat of animals and people in any terrain, day or night. Track game, recover downed animals, watch for predators, and stay aware of your surroundings after darkness falls. With a high resolution LCD display, video out (320 model) and a choice of magnifications, Scout II empowers you to experience wild places like never before.Packages Include:- Handheld Thermal Camera- USB Power Adapter/Charger- Wrist strap- Custom Video out cable (320 version) - USB Cable- Quick Start Guide- Molle BagFeatures:See the Night in Any Terrain:- Bright LCD screen displays animals and people in total darkness- 19mm lenses provide broad situational awareness- Detects heat signatures up to 550 yards away, depending on model- 640 x 480 pixel LCD screen displays crisp and clear imagery- Produces better scene contrast than I2 night visionGrab and Go Simplicity:- Starts up in seconds, no training required- Easy-to-use menu: Power, Polarity, Zoom, and LCD Brightness- Up to 2X e-zoom (320 model) - Freeze Frame feature (240 model) - Detection palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, and InstAlert- Utility light for finding items dropped in the darkCompact and Rugged:- Fits in any pack, withstands hard drops and shallow water- Fits easily in the palm of your hand- Light weight, only 12 ounces- Weather-tight, ergonomic design- >5-hour Internal Li-Ion batterySpecifications:- Detector Type: 336 x 256 VOx Microbolometer- Video Refresh Rate:

Price: $2499.00 | Merchant: Blue Ridge Firearms

Order Here A312 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 10 6 Batteries Per Wheel FREE SHIPPING

10 Packs of 6 - 60 Batteries Product Eligible for FREE SHIPPING! Free Shipping Offer Applicable for items shipped to US Addresses ONLY A312 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 6 Per Card Size 312 Hearing Aid Battery Facts

Price: $29.99 | Merchant: Walmart US

Order Here Avery Outdoors Worker Insulated Gloves M Buck

Lightly insulated, great for chilly days and setting field decoys. Features: Cut and sized to fit most Quality materials Close attention to details 40 gram Thinsulate Insulated Flexible Spandex Shell Synthetic Leather Palm Fleece Nosewipe Thumb Flexible Hyprene Wrists

Price: $17.85 | Merchant: Field Supply

Details Outdoors Finisher Layout Ground Blind

Like the name suggest, the Avery Outdoors Finisherayout Ground Blind, helps youimit faster with an innovative blind designed to improve your cover, concealment and comfort. More than just another pretty camouflageayout blind, the

Price: $279.99 | Merchant: Bass Pro Shops

Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Microfilter FREE Best

The Katadyn TRK Ceradyn Drip Filter will treat more water than most any filter (before cartridges need to be replaced) . The TRK drip water filter is a gravity feed filter which requires no pumping, hookup, or electricity. Fill the upper compartment with up to 2.5 gallons of untreated water, and it literally drips through the 0.2 micron ceramic filter elements into the bottom compartment. Simply set it on a counter in the corner and keep it filled. The Katadyn Drip water filter is the way to go for cabins, base camps, recreation sites, boats or RV's. The Katadyn TRK Drip filter comes with three ceramic filter elements (it uses all 3) which will treat up to an incredible 39,000 gallons of water. Specifications:- Weight: 7.3 lbs- Microfiltration Method: Field-cleanable 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter- Adapter Base: No, spicket - Gravity Flow: Yes - Recommended use: Cabins, base camps, recreation sites, boats or RV's. - Ceramic Capacity: Up to 39,000 gallons- Height: 18""

Price: $317.95 | Merchant: Blue Ridge Firearms